The Development of National 10-Year Forest Program to Double Forest Cover in Armenia

EcoLur informs that on October 22 of this year, during “Summit for the Forests. Global Action and Armenia” RA Deputy Minister of Environment Vardan Melikyan mentioned that the 10-year National Forest Program of Armenia will start in January of 2020. The program will address all the issues that need to be solved to bring Armenia’s forest cover to 20, 1% by 2050.

Mr Melikyan added it is not only about the classical forests, but also about agroforestry, creation of field defensive forest layers, tree-planting along the roads, tree plantings on the river banks and lake shores where there used to be forests and trees.

The work done against illegal tree felling was highlighted in the discussion. Mikael Santrosyan, Head of the Flora Control Division of the Department of Biodiversity Control of the RA Ministry of Nature Protection and Soil Inspection mentioned they have proposed to amend the Labor Code to carry out 24-hour work. This will allow inspectors to protect the forests 24/7.

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