Fines to drivers for Exceeding Exhaust Gases

As informs “Ecolur” informational NGO, the RA Government is proposing to impose fines for vehicle emissions exceeding the maximum permissible concentration, where the drivers will be fined by 100,000 AMD. At the same time, the executive propos...

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Carbon Tax As The Best Solution to Climate Change

It’s very important nowadays to quickly reduce carbon emissions in order to avoid the climate change. Mark Tercek ( speaks about possible solution for this problem in his article. He states that Carbon Tax should be the key. During the...

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The New Cause of Celebrating The Earth Day

Earth Day began in 1970 with the degraded state of the U.S. environment. Since then, there has been much environmental progress. But now it is very important to see what else must be done in order to pass a safe and healthy  world to the future genera...

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According to Greenpeace International, the current food system is broken. This is because of chemical pesticides, which are really not necessary for food production.  Industrial and chemical intensive food production impacts on people and farmers, the pl...

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Green Pathway Instead of Balcony

In her article about the alternative to a balcony, Liz Eve speaks about wonderful green pathway that cover a large area, even beyond the limits of the building. “Zalewski Architecture Group” created such pathway as a new idea for a balcony-like spa...

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