An Eco House from Clay, Straw and Wood For Tourists in Garnarich informs the village of Garnarich is almost 50km northwest of Gyumri, in the northwestern part of Shirak province. At the foot of the village, Lake Arpi is roaring. On one side is the Armenian-Turkish border, on the other – the Armenian-Georgian border. When Armen Igityan was buying a house in Garnarich a year ago, his business plan was just farming and nothing else.

The idea of building an eco-house came later. Having a profession of environmentalist-forestologist, Armen Igityan has worked in ”Arpi Litch” national park as the head of Science, Tourism and Monitoring Division since 2015. The aim of buying a house in one of the villages near the river (Garnarich and Shaghik) was providing his family with eco food.  However, last year Armen learnt about ”Integrated Rural Tourism Development” project. A competition was announced for the implementation of interesting ideas in rural areas, and he decided to participate. Participation in the program brought Armen $ 16,500 extra money.

At first, he decided to build a guest house with 64 sq. area. Then adding his personal investments, Armen built the double of the planned. The building is unique not only in Garnarich, but in the whole region.  Clay, straw and wood were used for construction. The same technology is used for building warehouses.

Armen also planted 150 trees in the area.

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