Will You Eat Octopus?

World Economic Forum informs according to scientists, farming octopuses is not only unethical but deeply damaging to the environment.

Numerous studies explain that octopuses are one of the most complex and intelligent animals in the ocean. They can recognize individual human facessolve problems (and remember the answers for months) and there is some evidence they experience pain and suffering.

The amount of feed needed to sustain and grow an octopus is three times the weight of the animal itself and, given that octopuses are carnivorous and live on fish oils and protein, rearing them risks putting further pressure on an already over-exploited marine ecoystem.

Even with the growing demand, octopus farming is still in its infancy. Researchers and breeders have yet to figure out reliable ways to keep octopuses alive during their infancy, and the farms that do exist can find it difficult to manage such an intelligent animal.


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