Will “Nahatak” Tailing Dump Be Closed Soon ?

4rd.am reports the fact that no tails are dumped in the “Nahatak” tailing dump is not true. This is the belief of Oleg Dulgaryan, a resident of Mets Ayrum community of Lori region, president of the Center for Community Cohesion and Support. He was on site and made sure that the toxic materials of the Akhtala Ore Processing Plant continue to be dumped there.

Akhtala Ore Processing Plant CJSC regularly reports that “Nahatak” tailing dump will be closed in a couple of months. The deadline has been announced several times but the tailings dump continues to accumulate.

Nahatak tailing dump is located in the territories of Mec Ayrum and Chochkan communities and poses serious health problems for the locals.  

According to Dulgarian, it is right near the community’s spring water source, and has already covered it. Residents also complain of diseases. The tailing dump is also not fenced, animals are grazed in the area and people use the dairy products from the same animals.

Gagik Shahnazaryan, the head of Akhtala Ore Processing Plant CJSC, once again reassures Ayrians that a tail drying and enrichment plant is being built and it will reduce environmental damage by about 70 percent.


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