Violations in Lake Sevan Ecosystem as Crime Against Nature, Humanity and State

Օn May 8, 2019 Public Environmental Court tried the case on “Hazards Threatening Lake Sevan Having Strategic Significance for Armenia”.

The participation and responsibility of Armenian authorities in the situation which is a result of violation of the provisions of a number of RA laws such as RA Law on Lake Sevan, RA Law on Approving Annual and Complex Programs for Recovery, Conservation, Reproduction and Use of Lake Sevan Ecosystem, RA Law on Specially Protected Areas of Nature, etc. were investigated during the public trial.

Lake blossoming and waterlogging of littoral areas, reduction in endemic and imported fish reserves, the deterioration of the quality properties of the freshwater were pointed out as negative results of the unfavorable situation.

Public environmental court decided to recognize the ecosystem violations of strategically significant Lake Sevan as crime against nature, humanity and state. The violations have resulted in the destruction of ecosystems, deterioration of socio-economic situation leading to irreversible ecological and large-scale economic damage.


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