Treasure your River

Business Green informs environmental charity Hubbub started a campaign called Treasure your River to clean up five of the UK’s biggest rivers and help tackle the hundreds of thousands of waste items entering UK seas each year. The targets of the initiative are the Thames, Avon, Severn, Forth, and Mersey and their tributaries.

According to a survey conducted by Hubbub, 48 per cent of the public are unaware that litter entering drains can end up in rivers and then the sea. Also the poll of 2,000 UK residents found 64 per cent of people feel helpless about tackling the ocean litter crisis, though 75 per cent would like to do more to reduce the amount of waste ending up in the sea.

Hubbub is asking businesses and the public to get involved in its campaign. The ways companies can support the project include backing local clean-up efforts, running events, hosting promotional materials, introducing new bins or raising awareness. 

Organizations which are interested, can register through Hubbub’s website.

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