Toxic Free Natural Cleaning and Pests Control Products

Got Bugs? Pests? Ugly kitchen and Tiles? Therefore, choose products that are non-toxic and harmless to You and Your surroundings.

Bed Bug Bully – Bed Bug Spray 32oz + Free 8oz Sample – $27.00

Bed Bug Bully is voted #1 bed bug spray by the hotel and hospitality industry for removing bed bugs quickly, safely, and without any harmful pesticides. Bed Bug Bully is a naturally-derived non-toxic formulation that eliminates dust mites, bed bugs and other allergens while cleaning fabrics and upholstered surfaces. After being used by hotels, hospitals, and pest control companies around the globe. This environmentally-safe bed bug spray is finally being released to the public. The bed bug spray banishes bed bugs and other insects fast and effectively. Spray directly on infested areas and the bed bugs become non-existent!


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