The ZCMC Tailing Pipe Flows through Voghji River

Hetq reports that the Voghji River in Syunik province is gray from yesterday morning. The reason was the accident at the tailing dump of Zangezur Copper and Molybdenum Combine in Nerkin Giratagh settlement, which resulted in dumping of the tailings into the river.

The head of “Sustainable Development” NGO of Kapan Armen Parsadanyan explains that the tailings dumped into the river contained toxic substances, heavy metals and reagents. According to the latter, the Environmental and Soil Inspection Body should calculate the volume of tailings dumped, assess the damage and, as a result, determine whether administrative or criminal proceedings will be instituted, depending on the fact of violation of specific legal norms.

The environmentalist mentioned that he did not know the cause of the accident, and that accidents can happen in all kinds of production. It is just the company that should do his best to avoid such hazards to the environment.

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