The True Cost of Black Friday Purchases informs that in 2018, Black Friday saw record spending with nearly £5 billion worth of online sales alone. Balck Friday is famous for ridiculous discounts.

As the world slowly becomes more conscious of overconsumption and moves towards buying less, a handful of brands are opting out of Black Friday sales altogether. One such campaign, called “The Make Friday Green Again” collective, is encouraging people to see what items they already have in their wardrobes that can be recycled or reused instead of buying things they may not need. Headed by French brand, Faguo, the collective has brought together 450 other retailers in a pledge to refrain from participating in the big sales event.

According to Fashion Revolution (FR), “hyper discount culture” fuels brands to produce too much stock as they know they will be able to shift it once the holiday season comes around. Generally, companies plan to produce too much stock in the hope of capturing every possible customer. They then get rid of whatever doesn’t sell by trashing it, donating it, or selling it at a massively reduced price.

The founder of Fashion Revolution Somers says that when people buy into these seemingly good deals, they send a message to brands that it’s okay for them to produce massively. As a result, people pay the external cost, that is the true cost of the unsustainable consumption and production of cheap clothing based on the exploitation of raw materials, workers and the environment.

So, Fashion Revolution is asking to do something different this Black Friday and donate to their cause. As they champion a rejection of overconsumption, the campaign asks people to instead donate to help them empower citizens and brands.

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