The Problem of Plastic Bags

Climate Uturn launches series of 360 degrees discussions.
360 degrees talks invite experts and scientists who cover different angles of the same topic so the guest can understand the issue and form her/his own opinion.

It’s a great networking opportunity to meet with like-minded individuals.

-How can we stop plastic pollution?
-Do we really need to refuse plastic bag?

Three experts are ready to answer your questions.
Shushanna Vardanyan will explain how this fascinating material is made.
Diana Badeian from Climate Uturn will share what happens with it after disposal.
Tatev Petrossian from REVOLVE Consulting will try to shift your mindset moving away from recycling to a whole new system innovation that unlocks capital value for businesses and our societies.
The meeting will take place on Decmbet 7, at 7 pm.
The venue will be mentioned a bit later.

Event will be held in English.

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