The New Cause of Celebrating The Earth Day

Earth Day began in 1970 with the degraded state of the U.S. environment. Since then, there has been much environmental progress. But now it is very important to see what else must be done in order to pass a safe and healthy  world to the future generations.

Mark Tercek and Robert Bendick speak about this problem in their article. They state that over the past 45 years, the environmental movement has been organized and institutionalized. 

The celebration of the Earth Day may have become a necessity, as people have lost the collective responsibility for the environment. The Gulf of Mexico and BP oil spill are restoring the sense of ownership and setting an example for the rest of the world. There exist Gulf Coast communities, who create a stronger Gulf by restoring the natural systems. After the spill of the oil the foundation was created through the RESTORE Act, which Congress passed and the President signed. RESTORE Act funds have come slowly because the Clean Water Act federal litigation remains unresolved. Most of the funds already allocated for Gulf recovery are being spent to restore the Gulf’s natural systems. And all five Gulf states are creating their own localized restoration plans, for example, funds to design a comprehensive coastal restoration in order to make coastal communities safer from storms. 

The majority of the state and federal agency projects emphasize restoration of the Gulf by breaking Gulf restoration into smaller pieces in order to be more controlled. 

Today, the people of the Gulf of Mexico serve as a model for the nature restoration. So,this can be a renewed cause for celebration on Earth Days to come.

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