According to Greenpeace International, the current food system is broken. This is because of chemical pesticides, which are really not necessary for food production.  Industrial and chemical intensive food production impacts on people and farmers, the planet and animals. In fact, ecological pest management is successfully implemented around the world, but these chemicals have an impact on our health. Currently in our everyday lives we are exposed to a cocktail of toxic chemicals, the impact of which is impossible to evaluate.  Most vulnerable to the effects of pesticides are the farmers that are in contact with them regularly. Even wearing protective clothing can still be harmful.

There is a solution but it involves a fundamental shift from an industrial agriculture system to ecological farming that is the only solution to grow healthy food and protect our farmers, their families and our children. It produces healthy food for all without exposing the environment and people to unnecessary chemicals. Ecological farming bridges the latest scientific innovations with local farmers’ knowledge.

We can all do something directly that will help to change the destructive industrial farming to people-centric ecological farming, buying ecological, local and seasonal food, or shopping at farmers markets, or eating less meat. (If you are outraged about the findings of the report and want to do something to eliminate the use of chemicals in agriculclture and contribute to change the food system, join the food movemement on and take your challenge today.)

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