Thanks to the Nature and to the Environmentalists!

The RA Minister of Nature Protection held the “World Environment Day” and the “Environmentalist Day” celebrations on June 5 at “Poghosyan Gardens”.

According to the ministry, around 50 organizations (MNP structural and separate divisions, environmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, schools and educational institutions, companies engaged in the production of green technology, culture centers) have participated in the exhibition of “environmental achievements” with their pavilions.

In his speech, Minister of Nature Protection Grigoryan congratulated the participants and spoke about the council of the day, and that it should not be confined only to June 5, but should accompany us each day as a new opportunity to identify and solve environmental problems, for the benefit of our citizens’ welfare and the welfare of future generations to normal life.

“Preservation of Mother Nature must be everyone’s duty, the idea of which must guide everywhere and every second. The perception of environmental protection must have its significant place among the core values of our nation and become one of the stable pillars of the development of Armenian statehood.”

He also thanked the people who are able to present their problems associated with the environmental sector and make all imperfections visible that we do not see.

The minister called on citizens to combine our efforts in preserving our country’s wildlife and the realization of the foremost mission to pass it to the coming generations.

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