Bacteria that Breaks Down Plastic

Nowadays, when we learn so much about plastic covering seas and oceans and their effect on the environment, the issue of plastic pollution has not left anyone indifferent. TED blog reports about two students Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao who have identified...

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A Rainbow Recycling System

BBC informs in the Swedish city of Eskilstuna people follow a unique way to process household waste. It met the EU’s 2020 recycling target of 50 % early. Almost all residents of the city have signed up to a seven bag recycling scheme at home, which ...

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Shine Without Shame

BBC informs about a new biodegradable glitter.  Traditionally glitter is made from plastic, and it ends up in environment and water system. It is just something that gets everywhere. However, people do not even realize that glitter is micro plastic, and ...

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Human Health Endangered by Microplastics

Down To Earth has reported that recently plastic has become a major environmental challenge. The pervasive nature of plastic in environment has resulted to its entry in the human body, creating a threat to human health. In contrast to macroplastics which ...

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Microfibers- the Tiniest Enemies

World Economic Forum informs that every time people wash their clothes they are putting plastic in the ocean. 60% of the world’s clothes are made synthetically from petrochemicals, for example, polyester, nylon and acrylic. They contain tiny plastic...

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World Economic Forum reports French teenagers have started a global cleanup of cigarette butts. Cigarette butts are the most common types of litter on the planet and despite being small, they are a huge problem. Most cigarette filters are made of plastic....

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Renderforest’s Eco Building

Hetq informs about Armenian startup Renderforest, which enables professionals, as well as non- professionals to create high quality videos, animations, logos and websites within a few minutes. This online tool automatically converts texts and scripts into...

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Plastic Outnumbers Fish

BBC News reports that according to research, plastic is building up in the areas of the ocean where fish feed and grow. A study found bits of plastic outnumber baby fish by seven to one in nursery waters off Hawaii. The researchers set out to investigate ...

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