A Hidden Source of Plastic Pollution: Our Clothes

According to NBC News, the plastic bottles, straws or grocery bags that wash on beaches are some of the most visible signs of plastic pollution. But scientists say there is another source that is even more difficult to clean up — and it’s hiding in o...

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Sneakers Made from Coffee Grounds

Coffee is one of the most consumed products in the world. Around 2 billion cups are drunk every day. However, all that coffee produces a lot of waste. Coffee grounds often end up in landfill or being washed into sinks, contributing to the food waste ...

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Smart Trash Bins in Armenia

Armenian Public Television informs that smart trash bins will soon appear in Yerevan streets. People can throw plastic items there getting a discount card for restaurants or shops as a gratitude. ‘Future” project marketing manager Hayk Kazarya...

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Microfibers- the Tiniest Enemies

World Economic Forum informs that every time people wash their clothes they are putting plastic in the ocean. 60% of the world’s clothes are made synthetically from petrochemicals, for example, polyester, nylon and acrylic. They contain tiny plastic...

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Runners Will be Disqualified for Dropping Litter

BBC News reports that runners at north Wales’ largest running event were warned they would be disqualified if they dropped litter during the race. According to the organizers of the race, measures had been introduced as plastic was becoming an ̶...

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