A Small Environmental Step for Kids

Ethical Living NGO invites all the children to participate in a happy, colorful and useful ecological event. If you and your kid do not have cloth bags yet and use plastic bags for everyday shopping or for organizing your kid’s staff, it is high time to...

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A Rainbow Recycling System

BBC informs in the Swedish city of Eskilstuna people follow a unique way to process household waste. It met the EU’s 2020 recycling target of 50 % early. Almost all residents of the city have signed up to a seven bag recycling scheme at home, which ...

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Plastic Free Armenia

The “My Step” charitable foundation has posted in Facebook page that is looking for volunteers to support the preparatory work for behavioral change within the framework of the project “Plastic Free Armenia “. The main aims of the ...

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“Ameska” Tire Recycling Company

In a year, Armenia produces 17,2 thousand tons of used tires, which are mainly burnt in warehouses or buried in tailing dumps or end up in landfills illegally. “Ameska” has been founded since 2014. It deals with tire recycling which results in technic...

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