Is Chocolate Eco-friendly?

Chocolate is big business. The average UK citizen spends £75.25 a year on it. Energy Saving Trust reports that a 2018 study found that in the UK, the chocolate industry is responsible for two million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissio...

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Eco-friendly IKEA

World Economic Forum informs that IKEA will only use renewable and recycled materials by 2030. By 2030 everything IKEA sales will be designed to be re-purposed, repaired, reused, resold and recycled. The store is making all its furniture environmentally f...

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Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Eco-friendly

Conserve Energy Future informs that with just a few minor changes, there are lots of things people can do to make their bathrooms more eco-friendly. It represents simple ways to transform a bathroom into a greener space. 1. Using natural materials for fi...

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Cosmetics Industry Becoming Eco-friendly

Scitech Europa informs that Stora Enso is introducing a paperboard tube for cosmetics packaging as an alternative to plastic tubes. The paperboard tube is used for the packaging of skin creams. Nowadays cosmetic brands sustainability targets include comba...

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