Do “climate refugees” exist?

According to Grist’s advice columnist on green living Umbra, the word “refugee” fits the idea of millions of people being forced to relocate due to climate change. The Institute for Economics and Peace, has recently estimated that in 2017,...

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Climate Change Affecting Beer Prices

National Public Radio informs that according to a new study that looks at climate change’s possible effects on barley crops, the cost of beer is likely to rise in the U.S. and other countries because of increased risks from heat and drought. The new...

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Is Chocolate Eco-friendly?

Chocolate is big business. The average UK citizen spends £75.25 a year on it. Energy Saving Trust reports that a 2018 study found that in the UK, the chocolate industry is responsible for two million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissio...

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Memorial to the First Glacier Lost in Iceland

CNN reports that the demise of Okjökull (OK for short), which is the first Icelandic glacier lost to climate change, will be memorialized with a plaque by researchers from Rice University in Houston. The monument to Ok glacier in Iceland, will be install...

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Waste Management in Armenia

On August 27, Armenian Progressive Youth has organized a seminar discussion called “Waste management in Armenia”. After the seminar (language- Armenian), 2 webinars (language- English) on climate change will be held. The seminar is organized w...

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New Alpine lake –the new icon of climate change

World Economic Forum represents that the lake appeared in Mont Blanc mountain may be a new indicator of global warning. On June 28, alpinist Bryan Mestre captured a concerning sight: a lake that had formed due to snow melting on the Alps, measuring abou...

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Butterflies Are Forced to Change Their Lifecycle

Butterflies prefer conditions to be neither too hot nor too cold, but “just right.” Because of climate change, the temperature at any given time of summer is getting warmer, thus leaving butterflies with the challenge of how to remain in their optimal...

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