Solar Stations as the Most Efficient Energy Source in Armenia

Ecolur informs that Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Hakob Vardanyan during the presentation of the report “Development Plan for 2020-2036 with Minimum expenses of Energy System of Armenia” mentioned that on December 16, the financial document of the 55-megawatt Masrik 1 power plant in Gegharkunik Region will be summarized. The winning company will build it in two years. By 2024, 300-400 MW solar power plants will be built in Armenia, which means Armenia will cut another 10% of imported energy carriers.

In addition, five stations (120-megawatt) will be built.

According to USAID Mission Director in Armenia Deborah Grieser, scenarios presented in the plan will allow Armenian Government to analyze and observe different development directions to enhance Armenia’s energy security and independence. He added that renewable energy is the most cost-effective power for Armenia.

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