Save the Nature with Nairian

The main principals of Nairian, am Armenian manufacturer of natural cosmetics, are taking care of the nature, use only natural ingredients, exclude ingredients that harm the skin and pollute the environment. The company is ready to make additional costs and efforts in its manufacturing process for the sake of nature.

The company has adopted a bottle recycling project. A new procedure has been developed, which enables the customers retrieve the empty container of used skin care product and immediately get a new one on site with a discount. The container brought by the customer is transferred to a recycling company and is no longer used in Nairian’s production.

The new policy does not only give the chance to get a discount for care products, but also adhere to an important principle; not to pollute nature and the environment.

Another environmental step is the company’s new care product- a serum packaging box, which has added a QR code. The latter replaces the information sheet inside the box.

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