“Sanitek” Doesn’t Perform its Obligations

On September 1st Yerevan Municipality has issued an official statement that it is the fourth day since “Sanitek” has refused to carry out its garbage removal duties throughout Yerevan without a written notice to the Municipality.

Lately, the company has often failed to carry out its responsibilities, but has in recent days completely failed the garbage removal process.

In the past few months, only the 24-hour work by Yerevan Waste Disposal and Sanitation Facility saved the city from failing the overall garbage removal process. At this point, the community institution is doing garbage removal in Yerevan.

Yerevan Municipality does his best to solve garbage removal process in the city for the benefit of the city and its residents, who have been suffering from this unacceptable situation of garbage removal for a certain period of time.

Yerevan Municipality views Sanitek’s refusal of contractual activities as extreme manifestation of violation of contractual obligations, which will have legal consequences.


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