Red-Listed Birds Back to Nature in Armenia

EcoLur reports that several red-listed birds, including a pink pelican, bearded vulture, Eurasian eagle-owl and tawny eagle, have been returned to nature for the first time in Armenia after a successful recovery. These species are already rarely found in nature.

The return was made possible through the joint cooperation of the RA Environment and Soil Inspection, the RA Ministry of Environment, the RA National Academy of Sciences Zoology and Hydroecology, the Zoo Fauna Art Exotic Animal Rehabilitation Center, the Endemic and Endangered Species (PEES) Center.

According to the RA Nature Protection and Soil Inspectorate, the birds were taken to the mentioned rehabilitation center several months ago, where the birds were treated by zoologists and veterinarians. 

It was decided to release fully recovered and encircled birds to nature in the Ararat Valley, adjacent to the Khosrov Forest State Reserve and in the Akhuryan region. In addition to these extinct birds, the Inspectorate and a group of aforementioned experts have also returned one ordinary canoe and 3 storks to nature.

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