Public Domain Planned to Recognize Over Plough Lands of 3 Residential Areas for the Construction of “Masrik-1” Solar Photovoltaic Station

“EcoLur” informational NGO informs us that It is planned to recognize eminent public domain over some plough lands of agricultural significance in Mets Masrik Community and Poqr Masrik and Arpunq residential areas of Geghamasar optimized community, Gegharkounik Region, for the purpose of the implementation of the investment project on the construction of “Masrik-1” Solar Photovoltaic Station in Mets Masrik Community, Gegharkounik Region. The Government has put the draft governmental resolution into circulation on the website designed for publishing draft legal acts.

According to the project, these land areas will be obtained by “FRV Masrik” CJSC, which will implement the construction of the “Masrik-1” Solar Photovoltaic Station. The deadline for launching the property alienation process has been set as 31 December 2019. The substantiations for recognizing eminent public domain available in the project are as follows:

1.      The project has a republican significance, as it promotes increase in the share of renewable energy in the common energy balance, increase in energetic safety and reliability of electricity supply for the consumers.

2.      The effective implementation of the project cannot be ensured without the alienation of the mentioned areas, as the construction and operation of the electricity transmission wire is not feasible without obtaining land areas necessary for the location of posts.

It should be mentioned that “Masrik-1” station is planned to be constructed in Mets Masrik Community, Gegharkounik Region, with the involvement of private investments only. The capacity of the station will enable annually producing 120-150 million kWph electricity.

Reminder: in 2015, the Republic of Armenia and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development signed a grant agreement, which launched Industrial Utility-Scale Solar Power Project.

As a result of the tender, the lowest tariff was proposed by the Consortium comprised of the leading international companies: Fotowatio Renewable Ventures B.V, Netherlands (Lead Sponsor)- FSL Solar S.L., Spain (Anchor Sponsor). The proposed tariff is 0.0419 USD excluding VAT (20.11 AMD).

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