Proposals to the RA Government on Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions under the Light of Energy Safety


As “Ecolur” NGO informs us, the participants of the round table held in “Ecolur” Press Club, discussed on “Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions under the Light of Energy Safety”and made various speeches and proposals on the issue.

In his speech First Nature Protection Deputy Minister Simon Papyan said the most important way for Armenia to develop at national level is energy efficiency irregardless of climate change problems. “In the field of energy energy safety concept lays down the use, import and production of such energy carriers, which don’t emit greenhouse gases into atmosphere,” outlined Daniel Stepanyan, Head of Department for Developing Renewable Energy of Energy and Natural Resources Ministry. The director of E2R2 Renewable Energy Fund Director Tamara Babayan attached much importance to the application of clean technologies. UNIDO Programme Coordinator Anahit Simonyan outlined that innovative business ideas shall be developed. Frunzik Voskanyan, the National Project Coordinator of the Global Cleantech Innovation Programme for SMEs in Armenia, presented attempts seeking to support innovation in the field of energy. “For Sustainable Human Development” NGO President Karine Danielyan mentioned that an interdepartmental committee has been established, which is currently implementing projects. Eleven directions have been selected, one of them being energy development and energy efficiency. “Consumer Consultation Center” NGO President Karen Chilingaryan spoke about the tariffs and highlighted though Russia reduced the tariff of gas imported to Armenia, it doesn’t refer to the consumers. Summarizing discussion results UNDP Climate Change Programme Coordinator Diana Harutyunyan said, “The third national communication assessed the greenhouse gas emissions from the field of energy at present and its future tendency taking into consideration the strategic directions in the field of energy. Vulnerable fields of economy, including the vulnerability of water resources have also been evaluated. In this regard, the vulnerability of hydropower shall also be evaluated in energy strategy. Besides, the availability of water for the nuclear power plant shall be assessed, as well as how the increase in temperature impacts on the energy efficiency of thermal power plants. We have another problem, which is rather painful – gas losses. She presented the problems in details and the possible solutions to them.

As a result of the round table discussion, recommendations were addressed to the RA Government for consideration.

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