No Additional Water Outlet from Lake Sevan This Year

Duke Forest, Umstead Parks, and the Eno River, where this was taken, are very popular with the Durham running community.This year no additional water outlet from Lake Sevan will be conducted, as Yuri Javadyan, Chairman of Scientific-Expert Committee on Lake Sevan told “EcoLur” in his interview. In 2015, 170 million cum water will be let out of Lake Sevan for irrigation purposes, which was approved by the executive in April. The Nature Protection Ministry proposed the State Committee on Water Industry to limit water outlet within 155 million cum instead of 170 million, but this proposal was turned down. Already 13 million cum water has been let out of Lake Sevan. According to Aram Harutyunyan, Chairman of State Committee on Water Industry, the fullness of reservoirs is higher this year than it was in the previous years. ‘Besides Aparan reservoir, the fullness of all other reservoirs is 80-90%,’ Aram Harutyunyan said in his interview with the journalists in Dilijan Town.

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