New Energy Efficient Solutions in Lori Region

Within the frames of the  UNDP and the GEF “Mainstreaming Sustainable Land and Forest in Mountain Landscapes of North-Eastern Armenia” project, with the assistance of the Ministry of Environment and with the technical support of the UNDP/GEF Small Grants Program (SGP), energy efficient solutions have been introduced to Dzoragyugh and Vahagni communities, Lori region, to reduce the pressure on nearby forest ecosystems.
Wood-fuelled heating systems of the the pre-school and the school of Dzoragyugh  community (which has no gasification) have been replaced with solar batteries and solar water heaters.
Energy efficient furnaces developed and tested within the project scopes have been introduced to Vahagni community. They reduce fuel consumption by 25-30%. Due to the use of these furnaces in Noyemberyan region in the period of 2018-2019, 240 households saved about 500m3  firewood during the heating season.

The picture source is from the RA Ministry of Environment


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