Medical Waste Can’t Be Thrown into City Trash Containers

Yerevan Municipality’s official website informs that Yerevan hasn’t started sorting and recycling waste, however solid and dangerous wastes can’t be thrown to city trash containers. Yerevan major Hayk Marutyan mentioned that a lot of work has to be done with the population on waste disposal norms.

A few days ago it was reported that the waste of one of the dental clinics (used syringes and so on) was found in the city trash containers. A letter was sent to the appropriate authority to hold the clinic accountable and to exclude such cases.
The problem is that when medical waste is dumped into the general garbage, it is firstly dangerous to people’s lives and health. The mayor ordered to carry out inspections in all medical establishments and bins adjacent to health care providers. In case of violations, the relevant persons and institutions will be held accountable. H. Marutyan also mentioned that after settling the problem with waste removal, they are going to start sorting the garbage beginning with cardboard.

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