Human Health Endangered by Microplastics

Down To Earth has reported that recently plastic has become a major environmental challenge. The pervasive nature of plastic in environment has resulted to its entry in the human body, creating a threat to human health.

In contrast to macroplastics which is visible, microplastics and nanoplastics have invisible nature and can enter human bodies through use of products that contain nanoplastics such as scrubs, lipsticks, mascara, shampoos, etc. posing a more serious health hazard.

Some studies have also found micro-plastics in tap and bottled water, in textile industry people also inhale nanoplastics unknowingly.

According to scientists, plastic particles can reach our stomach, and depending on their size they are either excreted, get entrapped in stomach and intestinal lining or move freely in blood, hence reaching various organs and tissues of the body.

In a new study, professor at Vellore Institute of Technology Natarajan Chandrasekaran and his colleagues have looked at the interaction of nanoplastics with blood proteins and cells showing their harmful effects on human health. The group has demonstrated that nanoplastics accumulate in blood, obstructing its flow in body and render blood proteins non-functional.

Alongside with cancer-inducing property of plastics, it also has negative effects on nervous system, hormones and immune system.

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