Green Pathway Instead of Balcony


In her article about the alternative to a balcony, Liz Eve speaks about wonderful green pathway that cover a large area, even beyond the limits of the building. “Zalewski Architecture Group created such pathway as a new idea for a balcony-like space. The walkway invites inhabitants to come out of the balcony door and walk about a grassy path, which is higher than a regular courtyard, adding a touch of fantasy to a usual unused space.

The inspiration for such walkway came to the designer on a hot summer’s day while sitting in his third-story office, when the outdoors seemed too far away. The sad, existing courtyard, helps  to get an idea of  creating a fantastic place, while it will provide an access to green space without getting downstairs.

The path offers a moment of relaxation and rest, and a chance to change your view. As the author mentions, during your work you can leave the office, walk freely on a grassy path in the air,  reach the door of the neighbouring office. The shape of the structure is designed to encourage fun and exploration.

Mounting and support is carried out using thin wires from the four house walls. So the path is just 80cm wide and that helps to reduce the shadows thrown by the path onto the neighbours below. From the bottom it seems even narrower because of the curved clean metal under it. It’s a fun idea, but if inhabitants of the upper floors need their own private sky walkways. We must think if we are ready to cooperate with the neighbours and create a new communal garden this way.

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