Global Warming Effecting Airports

According to New York Times, the world’s airports were mostly designed for cooler weather conditions. But now climate change is making airport planners worried about the future.

Angela Gittens, the director general at Airports Council International’s headquarters in Montreal said that airports realize that climate change could have some impact on them and they couldn’t fight them.

Many airports were built near seacoasts or river deltas to minimize disturbances to humans or avoid natural obstacles like mountains. Aviation experts say that rising waters could lead to flooding at runways or terminals. Others have short runways because of space restrictions, while planners in the past had no idea about how extreme temperatures could affect airplanes and airports: larger planes would be unable to land at short runways under certain hot weather conditions.

Hot temperatures cause air density to decrease, reducing lift and forcing airlines to either reduce weight on flights or move departures to cooler hours of the day. The reductions would be small, but it could mean, for example, that an airline had to trim about three passengers, from a 160-passenger flight imposing a substantial economic burden over time.

The CAPA Center for Aviation said that currently governments, companies and experts all over the world were facing a serious problem and huge investments were needed to solve them—  nearly $1.1 trillion in airport infrastructure projects.

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