Free Transportation to Tackle Air Pollution

Each year air pollution causes some 4,00,000 deaths and leads to almost 20 billion euros’
expenses in health in the EU. That's why the European Union had given some of its member
states a final chance to offer proposals for mitigating vehicular emissions and meeting the EU air
quality norms.
The Estonian capital, Tallinn became the first European capital to offer free public
transportation in 2013. After positive outcome from the change, Estonia decided to expand the
idea of free public transport to the whole country.
In early 2018, Germany shocked the world by introducing a proposal of free public
transportation to reduce the use of cars leading to less air pollution in five cities: Bonn, Essen,
Reutlingen, Mannheim and Herrenberg.
The mayor of Paris wanted to make public transport free to reduce pollution by 2020.
Luxembourg has announced that it will make all its public transport free. Brussels also took a
step in making the city’s public transport and bike share system free on the smoggiest days.
Now nearly 100 cities in the world offer free public transport.

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