Forest Mapping Marathon in Dilijan

If you are not indifferent toward forests and see yourself as a guide, then the forest mapping marathon is for you.

IRIS foundation and Eco House and Camp are organizing a forest marathon for the mapping of cut trees in the selected areas of Dilijan National Park. The main aim of the event is

  • To establish an open map of all deforestation cases in selected areas of Dilijan National Park.

  • To raise public awareness on forest protection and the sizes of human intervention.

  • To raise public awareness on crowdsourcing and crowdmapping tools and methods.

From 7-9 of June the participants of the event will be divided into groups of 5, they will study the selected forests of Dilijan National Park and map the discovered felled trees using Ushadir platform designed in the framework of AirAid project.

For registration and further information, please, follow the link of the event on Facebook.

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