Encourage Carters to End the Toxic Textiles

The textile manufacturing industry uses more than 8,000 chemicals and it accounts for 20% of industrial water pollution. The chemicals used can harm not only workers and the environment, but also consumers. It is unknown what particular chemicals are being used, and their effects on human and environmental health. Unfortunately, strong chemical management policies protecting workers and consumers by banning or restricting chemicals used in the manufacturing process, are not the norm, but still the exception.

Green America is calling on Carter’s, which is the largest retailer of baby clothes in America, to clean up its act and End Toxic Textiles in its supply chain.

They are asking Carter’s to adopt a strong chemical management policy that will protect workers and consumers, starting by transparency on chemicals used in its supply chain. They also want Carter’s to restrict the use of toxic chemicals and to replace them with safer alternatives.

According to Green America, Carter’s customers deserve to know what toxins may be in their children’s clothes.

Green America is calling to join them in encouraging Carter’s to be not only a leader in selling baby clothes, but also to become a leader in cleaner clothes that are better and safer for people and the planet.



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