Ecosystem preservation in Climate Change – proposals to the RA Government

The question on what consequences will the expected temperature rise and precipitation decrease  have on the biodiversity of Armenia resulting from Climate Changes, was discussed  during the round table “vulnerability of ecosystems due to climate change”  held at “EcoLur” Press Club.

As a result of the discussion, the following recommendations were made to the RA Government:

  • develop monitoring approaches for the biodiversity according to the issue (administrative, research, impact assessment);

  • create a transparent information system for government programs, a council, to which will be presented all the programs coordinated by the Ministries

  • create councils of the state non-profit organizations for special protected areas, which can have not only members of the representatives from ministries, but also community members in the buffer zone, so that they can resolve conflicting issues between the community

  • human impact on ecosystems must be regulated based on sound scientific indicators

  • large variations in the level of the reservoirs must take into account the vulnerability of fish fauna

  • review the work of hydropower plants and ponds from the point of fish farming

  • review the ragulating principles of environmental flow allocation of the water of rivers, stop the hydropower plants during the dry months on the fishy rivers

  • develop normative documents on construction of fish routes matching the river’s peculiarity

  • include the trout in the Red Book

  • organize a Monitoring of the rivers, used for spawning, flowing into the lake

  • insure the stable rates of increase of lake Sevan each year

  • maintain and restore wetlands and their ecosystems

  • arrange all economic sectors so that no damage is caused to the ecosystem

  • do so that the scientific research institutions could support the government in decision making.

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