Eco-conscious behavior- feminine or masculine?

Euronews informs that according to several studies, when it comes to being environmentally conscious, there is a green gender gap, with men less likely to live sustainably than women.

In the recent years, studies have shown men litter more, recycle less and leave a bigger carbon footprint than women. The latter are more likely to support environmental regulations and know more about science.

Interestingly, the most recent research paper by professors from five universities in the US has demonstrated why women opt for a green lifestyle – saving the planet is just a bit girly. The paper found out the psychological link between eco-friendliness and perceptions of femininity.

In the frameworks of the paper, a number of experiments was conducted. In one of them participants of both sexes described an individual who brought a tote bag to the supermarket as more feminine than someone who used a plastic bag. In another, participants perceived themselves to be more feminine after recalling a time when they did something good versus bad for the environment.

The researchers, however, claim it is not guys, but marketers who are not doing enough to make their products charming to men. They suggest encouraging men to make environmentally-friendly choices by making green products more masculine.

Fashion designer, activist and author of Fashion Animals – and a vegan – Joshua Katcher, started his own sustainable menswear named  Brave GentleMan in 2008 ignoring all the “femininity around green products”.

Another man who has not felt the burden of societal pressure when it comes to green issues is Nuno Goncalves, Executive Chef at Quaglino’s in London. According to him, sustainability should have nothing to do with one’s gender.

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