Eat Local Food and Protect Your Body and the Environment

One of the key components of eating sustainably is eating locally-grown food that is considered in-season. World Economic Forum represents the reasons for eating local food.

One of them is distance. When you eat locally, you are cutting back on the necessity of more resources. Eating locally also supports your local economy in a meaningful way.

When you eat locally, you are eating foods that likely have a higher nutrient count. Local foods are generally fresher — since they don’t need to be shipped anywhere— and they have less of an environmental impact.

Eating locally is generally safer too, according to the Center for a New American Dream (CNAD). Small farms can grow more variety, which does wonders to protect biodiversity and ultimately, long-term food security. Also, small farms are usually less brazen with their pesticides. Locally-grown food generally contains less chemicals, even if it’s not organic. Smaller farms and businesses don’t need to put as much time in effort into concerns such as packaging issues, shipping issues, and even longevity. The main focus, instead, is growing and distributing the product.

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