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Feed your Newborn Baby with Natural Organic Formula!

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Foods grown without chemical pesticides, insecticides and non-genetically modified seeds are intuitively preferred, be it for environmental reasons, chemical sensitivities, or a desire to protect future health by avoiding foods that could be discovered harmful later in life. This just makes sense.

Nature’s One® maintains its commitment to promote breast milk as the absolute best organic nutrition for an infant or young child and the philosophy continues to be in accordance with the World Health Organization’s Code of Marketing Breast Milk Substitutes.

Your little one means the world to you, and that’s why Nature’s One® holds every product to the highest purity and quality standards on the market. Nature’s One® shares your concern about the harmful ingredients, like heavy metals, found in some trusted baby food brands. Although there are Industry Allowances for some limits on the levels of these metals that are acceptable in baby foods, there is no established “safe” level of these heavy metals.

Researchers have already established that these toxins could have significant negative effects on children – especially infants. So why would we continue to feed these potentially toxic substances to the youngest, most vulnerable members of our families? The answer is, “we won’t!”

A higher standard.

Even though many of these problematic ingredients are naturally occurring in the environment (due to reckless use of chemicals or pollution),  Nature’s One® works to eliminate all toxins as thoroughly as possible from the products. Nature’s One® calls its approach the Pure 10 Pledge, hence, its formulas have routinely tested “Best in Class” for purity and nutrition (when compared to popular baby formulas sold in the USA), as determined by the Clean Label Project, an independent, third-party, nonprofit organization dedicated to educating consumers on issues of health and wellness.

Committed to routine testing of the ingredients and products for metals like arsenic, lead, and mercury, they hold themselves to the strictest water standards found in the USA and the world.

Nature’s One® also innovated a method of sourcing DHA from organic egg yolks. Who knew eggs were an abundant source?! Better yet, their separation method does not require harsh chemical solvents like hexane (a known neurotoxin). Other infant formulas source their DHA from algae and fungus sources using hexane extraction. Nature’s One® now offers the first and only formulas with organic DHA. containing naturally occurring lutein and choline which also help support your child’s brain health and development.

Baby’s Only® Formulas

Baby’s Only® Formulas are created to include all the essential nutrients – like proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins – your little one needs to get the best possible start… for life!



You can count on us for sustainably-sourced, high-quality products made with real, recognizable organic and natural ingredients that meet the highest industry standards. ALL Nature’s One products are free of controversial ingredients (like GMOs and those extracted with hexane) and you’ll NEVER find filler ingredients that prioritize price over quality. Explore the wide-variety of organic formula options below.

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