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“Tsirane” 100% Natural Soaps and Oils

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The domestic production Tsirane brand, founded in 2016, presents varieties of natural soaps with smells and colors derived from 100% basic and essential oils, different methods for face and body care,  entirely free of chemical additives, synthetic materials.

The Tsirane brand,  including oils  (grape seeds, almond, peach, apricot, olive, cocoa, sea buckthorn etc ), herbs and plant extracts, flower infusions  through cold extrusion method in its compound, is designed for everyday care, different age groups and problematic skin and just to have a healthy and beautiful body. The company, stressing the importance of the appropriate place and ecology of plants for growing, is conducting the wild gathering in person from the high mountain areas. In our company the every drop of the Armenian highland nature is turning on to a health promoting any new product. More than 20 kinds of soaps, 15 kinds of oils are produced:

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very good
16:19 January 9, 2020