U. S. is Offering Energy Revolution to Armenia

In her article in Lragir.am Naira Hayrumyan mentions that oil price reduction does not affect the prices in Armenia because Armenia has signed a contact with Russia according to which oil and gas depends on colonial relations rather than the market. The r...

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The Serious Results of Teghut Copper Mine

  Pan-Armenian Environmental Front informs us in the Facebook page that serious problems have occurred during the exploitation of Teghut Mine. This information is not confirmed yet. The resources in mine and copper and molybdenum concentrations in th...

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Legislative Reform Package in the Sphere of Mining

Legislative Reform Package in the Sphere of Mining Ecolur informs us the Armenian Government is submitting a package of legislative reforms in the mining field, which suggests that all soil management companies have waste management plan. In case of not i...

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“Shaqi” SHPP’s Director Fined

Ecolur informs us that RA Ministry of Environment has fined the director of “Hakobjanyan and Galsyan” Ltd exploiting “Shaqi” SHPP. The reason is the violation of water use permission requirements. According to the Information and Public Relations ...

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