Carahunge is at Risk

The safety of the monument-observatory Carahunge, which has a national and worldwide historical value, and whose age is dated more than 12000 years, is put at risk by some pseudo-archaeologists.

Claimed to be just excavations, the earth beneath the megalith-stones is being dug out using cranes and picks, which can result in shifting and falling of the stones, and which will devalue the monument and lead to its destruction.

Recently Carahunge, the pride of all Armenians, was also subjected to vandalism – satanic writings were spray-painted on the stones.

The above mentioned events are considered crimes against national values. A petition in was organized demanding the following:

–       immediately stop all excavations on the territory of the historical monument of Carahunge

–       conduct reconstruction

–       institute criminal proceedings against the individuals, responsible for the above mentioned actions, as well as against government officials, who gave permission to carry out those actions

–       arrange a 24-hour security of the monument in order to ensure its safety

– the Ministry of Culture of Armenia to apply for inclusion of the
Carahunge complex in the UNESCO World Heritage List.


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