Bicycles Made Out of Bamboo

World Economic Forum informs that a company in Ghana makes bikes out of bamboo giving young people jobs, transport and better health, protecting the environment and tackling climate change.

The founder of Ghana Bamboo Bikes Bernice Dapaah says that the reason why they use bamboo while manufacturing bicycles is its abundance in Ghana. There were no existing bamboo bike builders in Ghana so they were the first people trying to find out how they could use best the bamboo.

Bamboo is stronger than steel. According to some scientists, bamboo could replace steel as a cheaper, sustainable building material. Compared with building bikes from metal, bamboo requires much less electricity and far fewer hazardous chemicals. Additionally, the bikes are affordable for locals.

Bamboo Bikes have taught dozens of young people how to build bicycles. The new bikes help cut carbon from transport. For every bamboo cut for the bike, the company plants 10 more. Bamboo also helps prevent soil erosion, which threatens farmers’ livelihoods.

The bamboo bicycles are exported to all over the world, from the US to Japan.

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