Battling Pollution in Rio Starting With the Youth

battling pollution in RioNBC NEWS informs us about the pollution in the Guanabara Bay which is a home to this year’s Olympic sailing events. Here an organization is using water sports as a tool to teach the next generation how to care for natural resources. A non-profit Projeto Grael’s program gives 9-years-old kids the opportunity to learn how to sail and swim. The aim is to teach kids to love water and respect the environment. As André Alcântara Martins, the sports coordinator of Projeto Grael explains that the environment can’t be separated from sailing, they work together.  

The coordinator of environmental programs for the Grael Project, Thiago da Silva Marques mentions that there is a potential for change since they invest in education. More than 12,000 kids have participated in this program since it was founded in 1998 by Brazil’s most prominent sailing family, the Graels. This semester, another 400 students will not only learn how to sail on the bay, but also learn more about how plastic and other pollutants appear in waters. They will sail on the eco-boats detecting garbage by using floats with GPS tracking.

At the end Marques highlights the importance of protecting Guanabara Bay as a natural heritage to be left for the next generation.

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