Emperor Penguins at Danger

CNN informs that the world’s second-largest emperor penguin colony has almost disappeared, according to a new report, raising concern about the effects of climate change on the species. In the report researchers from the British Antarctic Survey (...

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New Plant-straws Are Available Now

Syuniq senior state inspector of Inspectorate for Nature Protection and Mineral Resources Gevorg Galstyan informs in his Facebook page that after studying thousands of plants, he has finally found a plant that will replace plastic straws. In the telephone...

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Tips to Drive with Less Emissions and Costs

Driver Training Consultant for the Energy Saving Trust Bob Saynor’s work includes assisting drivers to understand the principle of “Ecodriving”. “Ecodriving” is a driving style that can help reduce fuel consumption, extend an electric vehic...

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Government Officials with Electrical Vehicles

RA Government informs that Armenia claims to be the first country to use electric vehicles on a state level due to the Global Ecological Fund’s grant worth of 700 000 EU. 12 cars will be granted according to the number of ministers. With this step,...

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JPMorgan Chase: The Worst Bank

Green America reports that JPMorgan Chase is now considered the worst bank in the world for people and the planet. It turns out that banks play an enormous role in climate change, as they finance fossil fuel expansion. JPMorgan Chase is the N1 funder of f...

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Pay for Poisoning the Environment

Ecological problems become more and more obvious, because of plastic bags used in everyday life. Even at the remote corners of the nature there is ”evidence” of human civilization. Sputnik Armenia informs that a package of projects on gradual ...

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Global Warming Effecting Airports

According to New York Times, the world’s airports were mostly designed for cooler weather conditions. But now climate change is making airport planners worried about the future. Angela Gittens, the director general at Airports Council International’s ...

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