Sneakers Made from Coffee Grounds

Coffee is one of the most consumed products in the world. Around 2 billion cups are drunk every day. However, all that coffee produces a lot of waste. Coffee grounds often end up in landfill or being washed into sinks, contributing to the food waste ...

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Plastic Free Armenia

The “My Step” charitable foundation has posted in Facebook page that is looking for volunteers to support the preparatory work for behavioral change within the framework of the project “Plastic Free Armenia “. The main aims of the ...

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Cutting ‘Flight Shame’ Among Air Travelers

NBC News informs the average American generates around 1 ton of carbon pollution powering every lightbulb, phone, television, computer and kitchen appliance in their home for the period of two months. However, a single round-trip flight from New York to ...

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Let’s Keep our Home Clean

The Armenian government has posted a video on its Facebook page about a 14-year-old Mikael, who has cleared a part of Gyumri’s Bus Station’s garbage dump. There was a lot of work  to do, and Michael together with his friends cleaned the a...

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Go Fund Me for Bayfront Glass

Nick Bruno  and John Nowakowski formed Bayfront Glass in June 2019. It is a business that operates in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.  Bayfront Glassis bringing back glass bottle and jar collection in Erie County, Pennsylvania for rec...

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Smart Trash Bins in Armenia

Armenian Public Television informs that smart trash bins will soon appear in Yerevan streets. People can throw plastic items there getting a discount card for restaurants or shops as a gratitude. ‘Future” project marketing manager Hayk Kazarya...

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Climate Victory Gardens

Green America has organized a small interesting competition urging people to be a part of climate change solution and start a Climate Victory Garden. Climate Victory Gardens is an opportunity to fight climate change. If people register their gardens ...

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