Fighting Air Pollution with Vertical Gardens

The World Economic Forum informs that Mexico City has found an innovative way to fight the air pollution. The city has put vertical gardens alongside busy road to help clean the air. Each garden is covered by more than 2300 plants which absorb pollutants....

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Armenia will Benefit from Solar Energy informs that Prof Panel Company has represented its SolarOn brand on the Constitution Day of Armenia, trying to show the significance of the sun in our lives. Arthur Alaverdyan, the founder of the company, noted that the new technologies they have...

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Solar Panels That Make Water from the Air

World Economic Forum reports about a startup making solar panels that pull clean drinking water from the air. Zero Mass Water produces solar panels that pull water out of the air, filter it, and deliver it to your home faucet. The panel arrays, known a...

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Blue Sevan is Becoming Green

Levon Galstyan posting pictures of blooming Lake Sevan in his Facebook page mentions that to understand the true reason for the situation, scientists need accurate data on all the parameters of Lake Sevan’s water quality, biodiversity and ...

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Is Chocolate Eco-friendly?

Chocolate is big business. The average UK citizen spends £75.25 a year on it. Energy Saving Trust reports that a 2018 study found that in the UK, the chocolate industry is responsible for two million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissio...

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6 Main Ways to Beat Air Pollution

World Economic Forum has put together 6 main ways to beat air pollution. Leaving the car at home and taking public transport, cycling or walking are key ways we can all make a difference to air pollution. Cutting down on meat and dairy products can reduc...

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The Ministry of Health Warns

The Ministry of Health of RA encourages citizens not to swim in some of the coastal areas of Lake Sevan, where bacterial algae is noticed. Bacterial algae meet in the whole world, especially in non-flowing, nutrient-rich waters. Some types produce poisons...

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Cars Registered Before 2000 are Banned in Paris

Independent informs that the French capital has banned vehicles registered before 2000 to fight pollution in the city. A new law requires all cars to have a sticker indicating which of six categories it fits into — indicating the year of the vehicleR...

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