Do “climate refugees” exist?

According to Grist’s advice columnist on green living Umbra, the word “refugee” fits the idea of millions of people being forced to relocate due to climate change. The Institute for Economics and Peace, has recently estimated that in 2017,...

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The Ministry of Emergency Situations Urges

Due to the sharp increase in temperature in the country, the danger of fire emergence and spread increases in the forest and adjacent vegetation areas. The Ministry of Emergency Situations urges: Do not throw burning matches and the remainder of the cigar...

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Carbon Emission Free Shopping

Online shopping has grown steadily since the dawn of the internet age. But are we creating more emissions by shopping online or are they reducing because we’re not travelling to bricks and mortar stores? Which is more energy efficient – online or high...

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Unintentional Spending of Purposeful Funds

Ecolur reports that the funds provided for the needs of Kapan Forestry and Syunik Region residents have not been spent purposefully. According to the Public Relations Department of the Prosecutor’s Office of Armenia, as a result of large-scale studi...

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A New Cattle Farm in Gndevaz

“Yeremyan Projects” has founded a cattle farm in Gndevaz in the picturesque town of Jermuk. Fleckvieh (simmental) meat and milk producing breeds from “Genetic Austria” GmbH were imported from Austria. “Yeremyan Projects”...

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