The Problem of Plastic Bags

Climate Uturn launches series of 360 degrees discussions. 360 degrees talks invite experts and scientists who cover different angles of the same topic so the guest can understand the issue and form her/his own opinion. It’s a great networking opport...

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About Opening Two Crematoria in Armenia

PanARMENIAN.Net informs that Arman Iskandaryan, the director of the non-commercial organization Special Services for the Population, told PanARMENIAN.Net that two crematoria will open in Armenia in 2020.   According to him, the st...

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A Drip Irrigation System in Yerevan

The Ministry of Environment reports that Yerevan will have a drip irrigation system. At today’s Cabinet meeting, Minister of Environment Erik Grigoryan presented the decision project. The project offers to transfer 6 million AMD from the Forestry Co...

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The True Cost of Black Friday Purchases informs that in 2018, Black Friday saw record spending with nearly £5 billion worth of online sales alone. Balck Friday is famous for ridiculous discounts. As the world slowly becomes more conscious of overconsumption and moves towards buyin...

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Alen Simonyan on Logged Firs reports that RA National Assembly Vice Speaker Alen Simonyan proposes to restrict the sale of felled fir and pine trees. On his Facebook page, Simonyan wrote that the draft law on amendments and supplements to the RA Law on Trade and Services has...

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Marine Life Endangered by Abandoned Fishing Nets

BBC informs that, according to a report by environmental charity Greenpeace, fishing gear, which has been abandoned and lost at sea, makes up most of the plastic pollution in some parts of the world’s oceans and seas. More than 640,000 tonnes of n...

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