Australia Rated “Very Poor” for Action on Climate Change Issues

map-australia-360x270-cb1453150071The guardian reports that Under China’s leadership, this weekend’s G20 deeply analyses climate-related issues. Before the G20 summit in China, a comprehensive assessment was conducted revealing Australia is the worst country among other G20 countries in respect of serious actions on climate change. After analyzing each country’s policies, Climate Transparency prepared a report with detailed findings.

Australia has been rated “very poor” in most of the categories for its emissions trends, carbon intensity, overall climate policy, etc. According to the report, if other countries reach Australia’s level, it is likely that the global warming would exceed 4C.

However, the report was strongly criticized for not showing the way Australia should meet international standards to maintain its role in keeping global warming below 2C.

The main findings of the report were underlined by another report demonstrating global energy transition is on its way, and the G20 countries simply need to accelerate action to reach the goal.

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