Amulsar Related Issues Were Raised in Brussels

Aravot informs that on October 1, Anna Shahnazaryan, a member of the Armenian Environmental Front Civil Initiative, presented the Amulsar problem to a group of European Parliament MPs in Brussels. She particularly touched upon the former government’s approval of the project and the current government’s efforts to secure its implementation against the will of the local population, of wider population of Armenia, the wide range of human rights abuses and environmental impacts.

The recent developments related to the international study of Lydian’s EIA documents were also represented.

The attention of the representatives of European parliament was drawn to the fact that European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the state-owned development bank of the European Union member states, is among the major funders of a project having so much resistance, and therefore, shares the responsibility for assisting a project established with abuses of RA legislation.

The meeting took place within the frameworks of “Make ICT Fair” project, which aims to improve the life of workers and communities having the impact of and included in the production chain of IT tools.

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